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When the Smoke Clears: A Phoenix Rises

A Phoenix Rises addresses the fires of life and techniques to douse the flames, resurrecting you from the ashes into victorious living.

100 Words of Encouragement
Tidbits of Inspiration

A compilation of modern-day parables, or short stories, designed to motivate people to move into their God-ordained destiny and purpose!

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From Fatherless to Fearless II

Yes, it’s finally time to marry the man of your dreams! The perfect venue, perfect hair, perfect dress, and of course, the perfect mate. You can’t wait to run down the aisle to your happily ever after. The rushing high of a new chapter is exhilarating. But you’ve conveniently ignored your spout with trauma, anger and rejection. With everyone cheering for you, you quickly post the image of your perfect marriage on social media. You are #marriagegoals…on the outside. That is, until life confronts you both with challenges too much to bear.

With divorce rates on the rise, it’s easily misunderstood that the truth only frees you when you are confident enough to confront it. The realization looms that ignoring your past pain will only compound until one day…it blows! In the book From Fatherless to Fearless II, six courageous women conquer the unchartered truth of marriage by shining a light on the ugly side of perfection. As the residue of their fatherless past tries to taint their future, they’ll reveal how to intentionally choose forgiveness, have tough love conversations, and chose to break free of generational cycles.

As they propel into their future with their husbands by their sides, they are committed to fight for their future and navigate a new season for the long haul.

They’re not only married…they’re married to a new way!

Hush: Breaking the Cycle of Silence Around Sexual Abuse

For many families, it’s the elephant in the room everyone chooses to ignore. It’s the one thing no one talks about at the family reunion or the backyard barbecue. Like a cancer, it oftentimes lies dormant under the surface until it is triggered and simply can no longer be ignored—by the victim or the predator.

Sexual abuse has been—and continues to be—a silent killer in our communities. While it may not kill someone physically, it has certainly killed years of joy and happiness, let alone one’s peace. In a moment, it has killed the hopes and dreams of many whose lenses of life are now tainted forever. Oftentimes, because of the shame and the guilt, the hurt and the heartache, the voices of victims have been silenced for too many decades to count. In this candid literary masterpiece, eight brave women share their story from trauma to triumph over molestation and/or rape.

This is where the silence stops. This is where we give volume to the voices of victims who couldn’t muster up the words to share their story. This is their story. This is our story.

And it’s time to break the cycle of silence.