Lay Aside the Heavy Weight!

A young girl, who worked as a prep cook was tasked with cutting up a watermelon. She was zealous about her assignment, so she went into the refrigerator and tried to pick up the watermelon; however, she tried to do it with only one hand. The watermelon kept slipping out of her hand as she continued to struggle to prevent it from hitting the floor. It was much too heavy for her, but persistence and a stubborn mindset caused her to ignore the difficulty of the task. Even thought she felt a pain in her wrist, she shook it off and tried to pick up the watermelon again with the same hand, only to feel the same exact pain.

The girl didn’t seem to understand that she wasn’t supposed to try and lift that much weight with only a small amount of support—with just one hand. She had already experienced the pain of carrying too much at once, but ignored the signs and pushed forward, continuing to make the same mistake over and over again.

Sometimes in life, we continue to pursue people, tasks or dreams that are too heavy for us to carry; yet, we try and try again until we feel the pain from our persistence. The young lady wanted so badly to just be able to carry the weight of her assignment. But, she learned that in some cases, it’s important to either let go of what you’re trying to carry, or wait for the right support to help you carry it.

We don’t always recognize the damage of our mistakes or poor judgement—until it’s done and we’re left with the pain. It’s not healthy to hold on to so much at once. Listen to the signs. Listen to your body!

Be mindful of the amount of weight you carry into this week. Find the right support, or simply let it go!

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New Week! New Doors!

It’s Sunday!

Last week is over, and it’s time to expect new beginnings. Expect something brand new this week! Sunday is also a day of reflection and a day to cleanse your life of what may have hindered your success or happiness last week. Find the courage to change the things you have the ability to change.

Apologize to those you’ve hurt last week, or even years ago. Let it go. What can you do differently to prevent failure in the future? Tomorrow is not promised, so live each week and day as if it’s your last chance to right the wrongs in your life. Be mindful of how past behaviors may have influenced current dilemmas. It’s important to learn from mistakes so you don’t repeat them.

Allow this day to bring you a sense of calm. This week may present new obstacles. These may be similar to things you’ve faced before, so remember to smile and face them head on. Be open to new ways to overcome daily obstacles. Whether at home or in church, the Lord guides you and will not forsake you.

Put your faith in the Lord, and know that He has a plan to see you prosper. Pray, think and plan for the week to come. Know that every day is a blessing simply because you still have the ability to wake up and start anew! It’s a new week! Expect new doors!

Midweek Manna

It’s Hump Day! Happy Wednesday!


As you get ready to knock out the rest of the work week, remember that whatever troubles you’re having are all a part of the bigger picture. What you struggle with now will soon be a distant memory. You’ll be able to smile in the face of adversity, and know that all obstacles are building blocks for who you will become in the near future. You may not see it now, but there is a plan for you! You’re essentially a part of someone else’s bigger plan, as well. Even the smallest triumphs are significant!

Recite daily affirmations because your words have power. Put your faith in what you say, and you’ll see the results! Faint not!

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Generational Blessings

God is opening big doors for you! Even for your children! Even for your children’s children!

Business man going to the open door. Career path conceptual

We are the seed of Abraham. Everything we touch shall prosper! We will no longer live in lack or poverty—mentally, physically or financially. This is the season for God to do it big!

The Final Quarter


Before you know it, 2016 will be over. We’ve planned. We created vision boards. We attended conferences. We made money, and spent even more money. But as we prepare to enter the fourth quarter, it’s key that we review and revamp our goals to maximize our intended success in the last three months.

Review your vision boards and your annual to-do lists. What can you check off? While some things may be nearing completion, others may still be just a thought on a list in a notebook. Be realistic. If you can complete it before December 31, 2016, keep it on the list. But create an even smaller list to outline the tasks to complete the big goal in time. If you can’t realistically complete it within the next 90 days, consider putting it on the top of your list or vision board for 2017.

Revamp your goals that may seem too far off to ever become true. The thought of writing a book may seem monumental at the moment. But if you set a goal of having a chapter done per week, then the goal doesn’t seem as monumental. Be strategic about your time. Schedule appointments with yourself (and your goals). Shut down social media and silence your cell phone.

You’ve got a little over 90 days to make it happen! It’s fourth quarter and the game depends on you. Get your head in the game, and win!



The Floodgates are Open!

You feel that? You hear that? We’re only 26 days into the New Year, and God has already blown my mind in so many ways! Great things are happening in my life and all around me! I can’t share it all right now. As it unfolds and things are completed, I’ll definitely reveal all that’s been going on behind the scenes. But I encourage you to know that when you speak, you have what you have asked for–right then! In that moment!

Sure, it may not be visible to your human eye just yet, but it’s already in the works and completed at the very same time according to the heavens. When you ask, believe. Faith is like walking through life blindfolded, being guided by someone that you know has your absolute best interest at heart! Don’t look to the right or the left. Don’t worry about what others are achieving around you. Commit your works to your purpose, your passion and your divine assignment, and there will be a rushing, an overflow of favor and blessings on your life!

The floodgates are open! God is pouring new favor, new wisdom, new insight into you this day, right now!

Do you see what I see? I see the flood!



Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2016!

In just the short time span of 14 days, God has already exceeded my expectations for 2016! I mean that with every fiber of my being. I’m believing for some great things even though we’re only 14 days in. There’s something about a newness of a year that resets my passion, my drive, my pursuit!

I am in full speed ahead mode, and I want God to use every gift that’s in me to edify His people for better. But instead of setting resolutions, I set goals based on vision. I create a new board once a year (or mid year) and I keep it in a high-traffic area where I can be reminded of what I’m working toward daily. When you take time to write out your goals and visions, you’re much more likely to follow through and see results.

So I challenge you–14 days into the year. Take time to write your goals down and post them where you can be reminded of them daily. Go the extra mile and create a vision board with cutouts from magazines and newspapers. It’s worth the effort and I’ve seen the results time and time again.

Here’s to a successful, prosperous 2016! I’ll have many things to share as the year progresses! But for now, let’s soar to higher heights!