Lay Aside the Heavy Weight!

A young girl, who worked as a prep cook was tasked with cutting up a watermelon. She was zealous about her assignment, so she went into the refrigerator and tried to pick up the watermelon; however, she tried to do it with only one hand. The watermelon kept slipping out of her hand as she continued to struggle to prevent it from hitting the floor. It was much too heavy for her, but persistence and a stubborn mindset caused her to ignore the difficulty of the task. Even thought she felt a pain in her wrist, she shook it off and tried to pick up the watermelon again with the same hand, only to feel the same exact pain.

The girl didn’t seem to understand that she wasn’t supposed to try and lift that much weight with only a small amount of support—with just one hand. She had already experienced the pain of carrying too much at once, but ignored the signs and pushed forward, continuing to make the same mistake over and over again.

Sometimes in life, we continue to pursue people, tasks or dreams that are too heavy for us to carry; yet, we try and try again until we feel the pain from our persistence. The young lady wanted so badly to just be able to carry the weight of her assignment. But, she learned that in some cases, it’s important to either let go of what you’re trying to carry, or wait for the right support to help you carry it.

We don’t always recognize the damage of our mistakes or poor judgement—until it’s done and we’re left with the pain. It’s not healthy to hold on to so much at once. Listen to the signs. Listen to your body!

Be mindful of the amount of weight you carry into this week. Find the right support, or simply let it go!

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