Let Your Light So Shine!

Last Friday, a friend of mine visited the new and improved West Village area of Downtown Detroit. There were new shops, restaurants and art work—all concentrated in this one transformed area of the city. She mentioned how clean it was, how safe she felt, and how she visibly saw life in this area that lacked it in the past. There was a lot of hustle and bustle, but everyone enjoyed seemed to be enjoying the day with her family and friends.

It’s amazing to see how things and people change over time. One day, you can see someone struggling with addiction, divorce, abuse or financial instability. Then, as time passes, they have a new light within them. They’ve tapped into the positives in life and made their situation better. When you see this change, recognize it for the blessing it is and try to reciprocate that light into the lives of those you know or have yet to meet.

Make sure that when you enter someone’s life, no matter the time period, you are the light. Don’t enter their life with negativity or ill intentions.

It’s Friday! Enjoy the company of friends and family. Yes, families can be a source of stress, but remember that time on earth is not infinite. Spend time with the people you love. Eat that slice of cake you’ve been craving all week. Experience life in the best way possible! Be the light in people’s lives and shine the light in your own!


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