No Hood in the Rain

I’m dropping my son off at school this morning, and he says to me, “Mommy, drop me off at the door and I’ll go in by myself. It’s raining and you don’t have a hood on your coat.” My son Xavier probably knew what he was saying in the natural, but he didn’t know what he was speaking to my spirit in the spiritual realm. Immediately the Lord showed me the hood represents his covering of us in every storm of life. When we choose to step out from under that covering, we get more than wet in the storm–we get tossed, torn, beat up and for lack of a better term, we look a hot mess. Every day, make sure you put on your hood and even carry an umbrella with you. You don’t know what storms lie ahead throughout the day. It could be a flat tire. It could be an overdraft of your bank account. But if you’ve prayed, you’ve fasted, you’ve spent time in your word, these small storms won’t shake you. Every storm has an end date. I have not been to one city where it rains 24/7. At some point, the rain stops. The sun comes out. The grass gets green where it used to be brown. The flowers bloom. Today, I pray that you are fully prepared for the storms you may encounter this day, and tomorrow, and the next day. As my son Xavier would say, make sure you have a hood and keep your umbrella nearby just in case!


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