There’s Still Time!

Fourth quarter update Tenita Johnson

It’s October! The weather is already starting to change as we transition into fall. If you’re like me, you’re enjoying pumpkin spiced lattes from your local Starbucks. I can hardly believe how quickly time has seemed to pass us by. It feels like yesterday when 2018 was just getting started, and here we are about to close out another year.

The Power of Self-Reflection

Before, I get too far ahead of myself, I have a challenge for you all. Take some time right now and reflect. Reflect on all the times you have had a challenge, big or small, that it seemed that you just could not get through. Make a list. Then, reflect on what steps you took to get through those challenges. Recall how it felt when you realized you had moved past it, and add those feelings to the list.

Define and Concur Challenges

Now, I want you to write out your current challenges, as well as the goals or dreams that you are working toward. See, if you can take what you have learned from those past challenges, and apply them to what you are either facing now, you’ll be able to move forward in faith. Finally, stick this list somewhere you can see daily so that you can remember what you have achieved. Hopefully, that will motivate you to stand in the face of fear and overcome the challenges that you are facing today! You can finish this year out strong! There’s still time for destiny and dream fulfillment.

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Stay Open to the New

Friends are ever changing in your life. Friends will come in and out of your life, much like the seasons change. Some of them are there for life, and you can’t picture life without them. Others, come in and out of your life to carry energy, which affects your life in various ways.

Different Types of Friendships

Be open to changes in the friendships and the company you keep. While you may gain more friendships as you move from stage to stage in life, you’re sure to lose some as well. As your career, your mindset and your goals and dreams change, some friendships may interfere with your progress. You’ll find it’s time to let them go.

Be Who You Are

While friends may come and go, you should stay consistent with who you are. Stay open to new friendships. As you evolve, so will your friendships. Romantic relationships may even develop from these friendships. Some marriages and relationships start off from simple friendships. Stay open and don’t be afraid to open up to new possibilities in connecting. Do not be apprehensive about letting go of those who no longer belong in your life. Learn the art of letting go, and the art of staying open to welcome the new!

Empty Me!

Have you ever had a friend who was in a situation where he or she was being mistreated? They accept the treatment, which is unhealthy and diminishing to their character. You can talk to them all you want about what they deserve, but it doesn’t seem to work. It’s like the saying that goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

Offer Advice…To a Point

Advice is like the water. You can only try so hard to replenish your friends and family with a new perspective. They resist and give excuses as to why they stay or how the situation is improving. Today, be the person that leads a friend to water. They may not drink, but your effort will not go unnoticed.

Relationship Toxicity

More importantly, reflect on yourself and your relationships. Recognize the toxic relationships in your life. Whether it’s at work or at home, there are always signs when you’re being unappreciated and mistreated. Friendships are not immune to toxicity either. There’s always that one negative friend. The family member who always points out the faults in your life when you seem to be improving.

Avoid Carrying Burdens

It’s almost impossible to prosper in life when you carry the burden of relationships that stump you on your journey. Allow today to be a day of cleansing. Purge the bad to allow room for the good. You have to empty before you can refill!