The Check Engine Light

We all have some measure of faith. There are just some things we expect to happen or work a certain way because of the way they are created. If you sit in a chair, you expect it to hold you up. You don’t expect it to break. When you walk on the concrete, you expect to walk on solid ground. You don’t expect it to crumble or buckle, allowing you to fall through the earth. Every morning, we get up and attempt to start our cars and start our day. Now granted there are days when the “check engine” light comes on and we either take it to a dealership or if you’re like me, you call your husband! But we know there is something wrong that we can’t fix so we have to take it to higher authority. Not only do we take it to higher authority, but we take it to someone we are more than certain can handle the task at hand. We don’t call them and ask them if they can fix it. We more than likely ask when and how much it will be to get the problem fixed, but we usually tell them we need them to fix it.

If you’ve lived any length of time, you have encountered hard times, hardships and times of uncertainty. But even in times when your spiritual “check engine” light comes on, remember to give it to the proper authority. Not everybody can fix the problem at hand, but there is always The One who can fix all problems. It may not be in your timing, and it may cost you tremendously. But He is more than well able to fix the problem with your “check engine” light. He may have to tow you through some things. He may have to perform a diagnostic on you to see exactly where the problem is. He may even have to change some “parts” in order to get you back running to optimum performance. But one thing is certain: You will be back up and running smoothly soon. In the meantime, wait patiently in the customer waiting room.

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