The DNA of Change

By Guest Blogger, Tiffany Patton 

Change starts with you. Be the change that you desire to see! 

You have the ability to frame your world. Follow these simple steps to get the results you want.

  1. Meditate on things that are in alignment with your overall vision and goals.
  2. Find a scripture that supports your vision or goals.
  3. Say the scripture every day, multiple times a day. Then, speak that which you wish to see.
  4. Believe that you already have that which you ask for!
  5. Begin to operate as if it is already in existence. If you desire a mate or family, start setting the table daily. If you’re believing for a new job, get up early and get dressed as though you already have the job or business you wish to start. If you are looking to step out on faith as an entrepreneur, do your research. Believing that you can’t make something out of nothing is not God’s word. His word states greater works we shall accomplish! We have the master Creator living within us. It’s in our DNA to create something out of nothing! See it. Speak the word over it. Believe it! Know it! Be it! Your miracle begins with you.


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