The Floodgates are Open!

You feel that? You hear that? We’re only 26 days into the New Year, and God has already blown my mind in so many ways! Great things are happening in my life and all around me! I can’t share it all right now. As it unfolds and things are completed, I’ll definitely reveal all that’s been going on behind the scenes. But I encourage you to know that when you speak, you have what you have asked for–right then! In that moment!

Sure, it may not be visible to your human eye just yet, but it’s already in the works and completed at the very same time according to the heavens. When you ask, believe. Faith is like walking through life blindfolded, being guided by someone that you know has your absolute best interest at heart! Don’t look to the right or the left. Don’t worry about what others are achieving around you. Commit your works to your purpose, your passion and your divine assignment, and there will be a rushing, an overflow of favor and blessings on your life!

The floodgates are open! God is pouring new favor, new wisdom, new insight into you this day, right now!

Do you see what I see? I see the flood!




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