The Struggle is Over

On today, my prayer for you is that the struggle be over. And if we know anything about struggles, we know that the struggle really begins in the mind, and that is where we will end it today. No more will we see ourselves in lack, having not enough, struggling financially, struggling emotionally, struggling in our friendships, struggling in our families, struggling in our marriages, struggling in our churches and struggling on our jobs. The struggle ends when you speak to that thing that has you twisted, tied up and locked up, and you cast it down. I know you, but I may not know everything in which you struggle. But it is time for the struggle to be over! You’ve sat in enough empowerment sessions, enough sermons, enough women’s/men’s conferences to know that this is a battle of the mind and nothing more. If the enemy can transform your mind, he has already won. But we know, that we are MORE than conquerors through Christ Jesus, who resides in us day by day. And we also know that ALL things are working for the good of them that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. I know you love the Lord, and I know he called you for purpose. That means you. Yes, you! This is the time to see yourself in the future and start making strides, steps, strolls to get to the place you want to see yourself in the next 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years, 2 decades. I pray that you will not settle with just mere existence, but that you would begin to live. There’s a big difference. By faith, according to His word and His will, the struggle is over in your life. Walk it out. Dream it out. Act it out. Love it out! Live it out!



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