The Upgrade

This past weekend, I traveled to Peoria, IL for a speaking engagement. While en route, I received a text message from a coworker that my seat was being moved–from the middle of the floor into my own office. I had been asking and praying for this for month’s since I have worked at this job. Then, when we got to the hotel in Peoria, the man at the front desk told us he was upgrading us to a 2-bedroom, 2-bath suite with a full kitchen. We didn’t ask for it nor did we pay any extra for it.

The thing I love about God is that he goes above and beyond our thoughts and our asking of Him. Today I pray that God would upgrade some things in your life. Upgrade your finances. Upgrade your faith. Upgrade your health. Upgrade your business. Two things are for certain: When you upgrade, you are no longer on the same level as you once were and you have to go back and dream, pray or even ask for something different.


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