What did you say??

So lately, the Lord has really been challenging me on the words that I choose to let leave my mouth. I’ll go even further to say that He is challenging my thoughts before they are even spoken out of my mouth. God is just like that, huh? Well, no sooner than I said I wanted to run my business full-time from home, did an influx of people reach out to me in need of my services. No sooner than I made up in my mind that I need to start more public speaking engagements did my phone start ringing with people who found ME, saying they needed me to come and speak, even if it is only for 10 or 15 minutes. The idea was also given to me by my web designer that I should consider ghostwriting for pastors, taking their sermons and transforming the audio into hard copies of books. Lo and behold, here comes three people who need  a ghostwriter. So I did my research, I set my prices, and I have now began to market myself as just that: an editor, writer, proofreader and ghostwriter. Then the Lord spoke to me and said, “Why are you surprised?”

I don’t know why I am surprised. I thought it. For some of this, I spoke it. I believed it in my heart and petitioned God for it, subconsciously. So, I ask you, what did you say? Look back into your past words and coversations. Did you speak peace and prosperity, or did you declare broke and broken? Did you ask God for what He had for you to come to pass or did you tell Him you were lost and had no purpose. Words have enough power to go to the very thing we are asking God for and meet us when we get there. Watch your mouth. Check your tongue. Speak those things you want to see in your life. If it lines up with God’s will for you, it will be so and it already is so. Take some time today to reflect and ask yourself, “What did I say?” And wait for the results!


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