What’s Your ETA?

It’s 2013! How much closer are you to your dreams this very moment than you were this time last year? Find out what it takes to not only put your visions and dreams into action, but find out what it takes to make them fully come alive by the end of the year. Put a date on it. If it doesn’t have a birth date, it doesn’t exist. Maybe you need to make a phone call. Maybe all it takes is starting a new blog. Some people need to print business cards, promo cards and design a website to get going. Do whatever it takes to get your dreams in action this season. When someone is coming to get you for an event and they’re running late, you may call and ask, “What’s your ETA (estimated time of arrival)?” So I ask you, what is the ETA for your business? What is the ETA for your book? What is the ETA for your dream to become a reality? Put things into action and move forward. The time is now.




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