New Week! New Doors!

It’s Sunday!

Last week is over, and it’s time to expect new beginnings. Expect something brand new this week! Sunday is also a day of reflection and a day to cleanse your life of what may have hindered your success or happiness last week. Find the courage to change the things you have the ability to change.

Apologize to those you’ve hurt last week, or even years ago. Let it go. What can you do differently to prevent failure in the future? Tomorrow is not promised, so live each week and day as if it’s your last chance to right the wrongs in your life. Be mindful of how past behaviors may have influenced current dilemmas. It’s important to learn from mistakes so you don’t repeat them.

Allow this day to bring you a sense of calm. This week may present new obstacles. These may be similar to things you’ve faced before, so remember to smile and face them head on. Be open to new ways to overcome daily obstacles. Whether at home or in church, the Lord guides you and will not forsake you.

Put your faith in the Lord, and know that He has a plan to see you prosper. Pray, think and plan for the week to come. Know that every day is a blessing simply because you still have the ability to wake up and start anew! It’s a new week! Expect new doors!